Hanoi Schal 1

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Style notes

Hanoi Schal 1 is a handmade mouth and nose protection scarf. With the embroidered logo, and a fabric that is smooth to your skin. This scarf offers a stylish alternative to structured face masks. Made from layered membranes and with an inlay for medical and disposable protective filters.

Sporty, stylish round scarf made from elastic fabric layers for a comfortable mouth and nose protection. For walks in the city, for biking (bike scarf), or hiking. Size: S / M / L

Hanoi Schal 1 combines the practical aspect of an everyday mask with the elegance and versatility of a triangular scarf. No matter if it's casual, outdoor style, a shirt, or biker clothes. With this mixture of a classic scarf and a modern cut, you will always look stylish.

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