Silk Beauty Cocoons

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Style notes

100% Silk Beauty Cocoons are a natural collagen boosting and ecological way to exfoliate, cleanse and treat skin.
Silk contains naturally occurring Serecin, which nourishes, soothes, hydrates and plumps, leaving skin luminous, smooth and refreshed. As you gently massage and exfoliate, naturally occurring Sericin will be released, a compound known to be collagen-boosting and often added to anti ageing creams. Silk cocoons have been used for centuries by the Chinese to maintain a perfect complexion naturally, leaving your skin smooth, silky and plumped.

Sustainability guarantees

Is the manufacturing process of your collection free from child labour and human trafficking, are all workers paid a living wage, and is the factory compliant with all local environmental regulations?

Is your collection free from AZO dyes and phthalates? (This will mainly apply to apparel and accessories)

Is your collection manufactured on a small scale in an environmentally sensitive manner, from non-synthetic, sustainably sourced materials, ingredients or textiles e.g. beeswax, silk? (all must apply)

Holistic Silk

Based in: United Kingdom

Holistic Silks trail blazing founder Joanna Weakley is dedicated to creating a truly therapeutic and beautiful Silk range that performs sleep, beauty and wellness benefits far beyond obvious function and appeal. Twenty years on she continues to combine design, holistic know-how, a touch of je ne sais quoi and true craftsmanship, to create unique items that not only help you feel and sleep better, but make a ten minute break seem like an hour. And goodness knows, we can all use a bit of that!
Continuing to encourage everyone to invest in themselves, invest in their sleep and invest in something that is Fair Made and, just as importantly, made to last.


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