Maya Ring In Silver

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Style notes

Engraved with the Mayan numeral system, Maya Ring 1 allows you to mark an hour with just a smooth rotation. This ethnic-inspired stainless-steel ring is a reminiscence of the lavishly ornamented Mayan jewelry - the extravagant gold (silver or black also available) contrasts alluringly with a powerful matt time-wheel.
With outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail; the numeric decimals are etched into the band in a sleek and subtle design

Stylish, unique stainless steel jewelry ring with rotating black ring to mark the hour or the number on the jewelry ring. Mayan numbers engraved on the top of the ring, as well as "MYL BERLIN" logo. Comes in various sizes and the colors Black, Silver, Gold.

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MYL BERLIN is a monument to uniqueness and courage. We want to break old ideas and social definitions because they prevent us from seeing the breathtaking beauty of diversity. We want to use the power of diversity to help shape and drive progress. Each of our collections is carefully designed. Every piece should be astonishing.


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