Yin Fuchsia Embroidered Women's Joggers

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Style notes

Joggers originally made for tough, outdoor activities are now designed for comfort and made from 100% organic cotton.
The HAMZA limited run joggers are the perfect piece for a curated look, with premium stitching and high quality materials as well as an impeccable fit on all body types.
YIN embroidered women's joggers feature an elasticated waistband for comfort, embroidery on both legs and ribbed ankle cuffs for support.
Embroidered to last and designed for comfort.

Sustainability guarantees


Founded in 2019, Hamza is a clothing brand based in Romania.
We take our inspiration from the simple things and the small subtleties. All it takes is either looking at a straight line or a scribble.
Monochrome background and materials that worships the skin.
We started from small statements that we ignore on a daily basis: “calm your mind”, “most people cannot handle freedom”, “ embrace the pain”.
We use clothes as shields, very often, but most of the time, we forget they are a way of expressing ourselves.
The minimalist design makes way for each and everyone to express themselves as they feel, not as the clothing dictates. His or her emotions, personalities, thoughts, vibes.
Our embroideries mark the hidden details we keep inside ourselves. Just like a manifesto.


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