Athleisure Half-Length Top - Sour Apple Top Green

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Style notes

Featuring a heart-shaped neckline that resembles a lovely sour apple with an elegant color combination. This top is a sportswear showing the unique sensibility of QUA VINO with a charming chest line that blends with lovely colors. Tone down indigo pink and burgundy combination or refreshing mint blue and bluish green combination.

The two-colored strap that runs from the shoulder to the back-V line allows you to move freely without pressure from the shoulders and armholes, providing a bold and cool feeling. The wide waistband minimizes curling, supports the chest stably, and creates the beautiful waistline with an appropriate length.

There is an opening on the inside of the chest where the padding can be added or removed, and we will send you medium-sized oval-shaped pads

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“QUA” means water.
“VINO” means wine.

QUA VINO represents a relaxing and joyful poolside vacation, sipping a cool glass of sparkling wine.
Launched in 2018, the Qua Vino family designed its collection to take you to our special place, the poolside-where a refreshing breeze, music and a cocktail await. We offer a diverse range of complete poolside looks that create a stylish visual that will make you look at home while lounging poolside at any laid-back vacation spot.


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