Agne Deveikyte

It all started in 2008, when a young designer Agne Deveikyte, who had just received her Bachelors’s degree in Vilnius Academy of Fine Art, started to create her first garments for women using unique basketweave technique. After two years, in 2010 she decided to start her own brand and called it “Fashion by Agne Deveikyte”. A few years later, in 2012 she started renting a studio and changed her name to “Agne Fashion”. As Agne was exploring and growing as a designer, her collections also evolved together with her – they became more mature. She discovered her own style by combining elegant and feminine silhouettes together with elements with basketweave pattern, which can be seen in her latest collections. Finally, this year “Agne Fashion” became “Agne Deveikyte” – the name that was better known among her loyal clientele, because most of them were purchasing clothes by visiting Agne directly in her studio. The distinct feature of Agne Deveikyte women’s clothing are basketweave elements, which are created entirely by hands. Those details, which are used in almost all garments, are unique and unrepeatable, because of different colored fabric stripes and their combinations. Thus, every dress, skirt, sweater or coat, although looks similar from a distance, is actually unique from close up because of all those hand-made imperfections. We love combining classics with a splash of modern details. Final result – clothes that are minimal, have geometric forms and contrasting combinations, yet look feminine and elegant. We value quality, style, classics and longevity and think that it’s not the amount of clothes in your wardrobe that matters, but how long and often you want to wear them.