Altari is a London-based accessories brand and pioneer of cultural sustainability. The brand is on a mission to save ancient forms of craftsmanship from extinction by reinterpreting their artistic value as part of distinctive designs. Altari embodies the customs and traditions of founders Elvira, from Tatarstan, in Russia, and Alessio, from Italy. Theirs is a story of connecting worlds and preserving culture to deepen and redefine what it means to experience luxury.

Each design is recognised by the signature Tatar leather mosaic, an ancient embroidery technique dating back over 1000 years. Each leather mosaic is meticulously hand-stitched by artisans in Tatarstan. Only a few dozen artisans remain who possess the skills to craft leather mosaics. These masters take days to complete each piece with thousands of stitches applied through this ancient technique. The degree of craftsmanship makes each mosaic an art piece, each handbag nonrepeatable and each collection limited in nature, not by design.

Altari is taking concrete steps to preserve ancient craftsmanship, pledging at least 5% of annual revenue towards the development of a new generation of Tatar mosaic artisans.

VAT: 291130331

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At least 1% of this brand’s sales go to a charity partner.