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Designed in Australia for the world to enjoy, ASHAALIA is a bold, empowered haute couture label that represents a new era in generational, slow fashion. Dedicated to the foundations of elegance and sophistication, ASHAALIA handcrafts limited edition, bespoke garments that create a long-lasting, positive impact for the wearer. 'Wearing ASHAALIA is like wearing artwork on your body.' Our iconic hand-beaded pieces pay homage to timeless fashion styles the world over, ensuring that you have a sustainable, long lasting and treasured relationship with your garment. We lead with the messaging of Generational on Purpose – give your clothing a new life. Our season less luxe pieces are designed for those who aren’t afraid to be fashion leaders, drawing on your desire for individuality.
Happy Worker
Independent Brand
Skilled Artisan

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the ASHAALIA collection at Wolf & Badger.

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