Betty and Betts

Betty and Betts is an accessories brand, founded by two friends who met at an egg race on a hill in South India in 2006. They quickly realised that they were both bonkers about sustainability, beautiful products and people. Both living and working in India with locals on charity programmes they wanted desperately to relieve the poverty that surrounded them.

Every time you buy a beautiful Betty product you continue the story of two English girls who met in Bangalore. Overwhelmed by the poverty around them they hatched a dream, to build a future for people who have been forgotten.

In February 2010, they returned to freezing weather and good old English brews in order to launch Betty Books and Betty accessories in the UK retail market. India is very much in the Betty blood, so the friends still make regular visits to suppliers to make sure all is going well – and of course to top up on the delicious curries.