Blush & Bashful

Show your spirit with unique interchangeable signet jewellery from UK based designer. Modern heirlooms to cherish everyday. The demi-fine range features interchangeable signets, seated within a distinctive sterling silver settings. Karina draws inspiration for her work from nature, symbolism, and the traditional English countryside. Her designs combine clean modern lines with the intricate detailing of period jewellery, resulting in eye-catching pieces suitable for everyday wear.

The idea for Blush & Bashful began a decade ago in London, after Karina fell in love with a signet ring a friend was wearing. The concept required savvy design engineering and over a year of prototyping to craft a product that was elegant, stylish, and interchangeably functional. The brand plans to launch bracelet, necklace, and cufflink settings in 2018, in addition to periodic new signet designs. On her motivation to design jewellery, Karina said: “As a little girl, I loved exploring my mother’s jewellery boxes. It felt like I had discovered a treasure trove. I became a designer to create stunning pieces that inspire and delight the wearer. I think Blush & Bashful does exactly that.”