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5 Minutes With... D.EFECT

by Emma Foreman

Egle Ziemyte had always been a bit of a rebel, focusing on all that is different about the world. Her label, D.EFECT is based on this notion and its geometric, contemporary pieces are putting Lithuania firmly in the fashion spotlight.

D.EFECT is based on the beauty of imperfection, how did this come about?

I was always drawn to everything that was different. Beauty, art, everything actually, can be done in two ways, just like our social media profiles. “The normal way” is what we do in order to be admired. “The beauty of imperfection” way is the one that sees beauty in our natural selves, unique features and dares to be different. Our team is all about the latter; we are passionate about personalities, not clones.

You’ve had a variety of different jobs including modelling, styling and working as a fashion editor for a lifestyle magazine, how did you end up getting into design?

I have always been passionate about fashion design. As a teenager I participated in fashion competitions where I presented the most avant-garde collections. Later I started modelling and the fashion world just captured me. As a stylist, I was used to creating the craziest fashion stories, but as I grew up, I started appreciating fashion not just as a branch of art, but also as something that people use in their daily lives. This was the time I shifted from avant-garde fashion to wearable fashion.

Your pieces are made just a stone's throw away from your office, why is this so important to you?

I will always prefer good quality over “meh” quality, but I believe every fashion designer does. However, with big manufacturing costs, many are forced to compromise on quality. This is where I consider us to be very lucky, as being based here in Lithuania we are able to offer luxurious quality at accessible prices. It all happens so close to our office, so we are able to visit them weekly to keep a close eye on production.

What is the hardest thing about launching your own brand?

I have one tip for emerging designers, enjoy the moment, it will never get easier. The hardest thing is to find the right voice to listen to. You meet so many people and hear so many different opinions about your collection that is easy to go crazy. Asians don’t like a certain colour but Americans are asking for more of it, the British want to see tight clothing but the Japanese want everything loose and the French don’t want anything at all! How do you know what to do? It’s easy to get lost but I soon realised that it is impossible to please everyone.

What’s next for D.EFECT?

I usually say “World domination!” because we have big dreams and ambitions. Expanding into accessories is one of my goals and we are finally testing shoes this season.