Scenting Your Home with @aroma

by Maurice Joosten

@aroma 100% pure natural. 

@aroma scent designer and Creative Director, Maurice Joosten, explains how to use their scents and diffusers to enhance your home. 

As the ongoing coronavirus pandemic means we are now spending more and more time at home, the sensory experience of our homes is more important than ever — from the sights to the sounds and, of course, the smells.

The use of fragrance, specifically essential oils, can alter our well-being in the same way access to natural light or visually pleasing surroundings might. Essential oils have unique properties that directly work on the physical body and on the mind. Certain elements in essential oils directly influence our body, for example, linalool calms you down. Certain components can help you to concentrate.

We face a new challenge as we start using our homes for many more purposes than before. Our homes must now be places to work, exercise, socialize and relax all at once. Switching from invigorating citrus or peppermint-based scents in the morning and during work hours, to a calming scent like lavender in the evening can help differentiate the feeling of a space.  

At @aroma, we use these elements of essential oils to develop our fragrances, in particular our Supplement Air series. Blends like S01 For Wake Up (with peppermint, rosemary, and lemon) and S05 For Meditation (with cypress and eucalyptus) are intended to aid the mind and body in particular activities. We source all of our oils are first-hand from the world’s best suppliers, and each is made from 100% pure natural materials extracted from the flowers, leaves, trees, and fruits of various plants.

If you find yourself working from home more and more, and need a boost of concentration, you could try a softer herbal or citrus scent like S03 For Study & Work to sustain you over a longer period.  If you’re struggling to drift off at night, then S06 For Sleep could help. It contains two types of lavender, along with cedarwood, juniper and marjoram. 

But the health benefits of certain oils go beyond just relaxation and sleep. Certain essential oils like eucalyptus and tea tree are also valued for their antibacterial and antiviral properties. Our Clean series  includes blends like C02 Clean Mint and C03 Clean Forest, along with the newly released C10 Clean Tea Tree.

Of course, essential oils can also offer a welcome form of escapism while travel is not so easy. As a Japanese brand, @aroma takes a great deal of inspiration from the natural bounties of our home country. In our Japanese Air series, our Tokyo based scent designers focus on the Japanese botanicals and design concepts to help you travel the country with your nose. JD05 Iki and JD08 Zen are particularly popular.

Our diffusers are the best way to capture the full effects of our essential oils. Unlike most diffusers on the market, our diffusers don’t use heat or require you to dilute your oils in water.  This results in the best scenting experience. The piezo diffuser Solo can scent an entire room, but if you’re looking to scent a smaller space or particular area might like to use the small fan diffuser Ko, which can be placed near your bed or on your desk. Alternative options are non-electrical diffusers, for example, the Tokoname aroma stone and the wooden diffuser Hinoco that absorb the oil, and then release the scent.


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