Surviving a Brain Hemorrhage

Photographs by Kavita Basi

I was taken into the A&E hospital on March 17th 2015 with a life-threatening subarachnoid haemorrhage. I was only 38 years old, a wife and mother to two young children. I had always been a healthy person, successful, career-oriented and travelled the world while working full time. 

Then, one night, I suddenly collapsed with a seizure and my whole world fell apart. I was in the hospital for nearly two months and, after four intense brain surgeries, I had difficulty understanding what was happening to me and why. Remaining positive definitely helped during difficult times, as I had to relearn many cognitive and physical behaviours. 

With the help of family and friends, I began to log my journey through multiple channels, sharing my thoughts, feelings and discovery from diagnosis through to recovery. It was important to me to help others who may have endured a similar experience and I published my book Room 23: Surviving a Brain Hemorrhage in 2018. I began to work closely with charities who were built around helping those with neurological conditions and their family and friends around them. I still suffer from side effects and recognise the need to continue giving back on neuro-conditions. 5% of profits from Reflexone and Ration.L go to The Bee Foundation and The Brain & Spine Foundation respectively.

Alongside helping others, it was also important for me to help our planet. Having always been interested in sustainability, my life changing experience furthered my focus on wanting to live a better, more responsible life. 

After working in the fashion industry for over 25 years, I decided to start a company focusing on positive brands with a purpose. I created two brands with a different purpose but each with the same goals. Through working on key ethical product groups with longevity, designing with intent, using materials that are either recycled, vegan or cruelty-free and using biodegradable packaging, each process is thought through to ensure we are providing the best products for both consumers and our planet. I’m also on the round table of circular economy for the Liverpool fashion summit. We try and do our best educate our consumers, we have added a QR code to our products that gives some transparency on what makes our fabric ethical. 

I try my best to be a good wife and caring mother. I'm very fortunate to have a family that cares for me especially during the difficult days of my serious illness. It is challenging to juggle family life as well as working full-time for all parents, and a positive mindset is integral to creating a happy environment.


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