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Why Should You Sleep On Silk?

by Anna Bowring

Recently I’ve noticed there being a lot of talk about sleeping on silk. Beauty and wellness industries are rediscovering the benefits of using silk pillow slips. Dermatologists recommend them, celebrities swear by them, models, influencers and hair stylists are embracing them too. Back in the 80’s when perms were the highest form of fashion, any decent hairdresser would recommend sleeping on silk to protect your perm. These days, however you style your hair, silk pillow slips provide the best protection. For your hair and for your skin it’s a total win win.

The super smooth texture of silk is what makes it so lovely and luxuriously soft to sleep on, but it is also what keeps my tresses frizz and tangle free. I’ve said goodbye to morning bedhead as my hair glides on the pillow while I sleep without any frizz-making friction.

The smoothness is also super kind to my skin, especially since I sleep on my side and tummy. Ever woken up with sleep creases on your face from tossing and turning throughout the night? These eventually fade but maybe not in time for that morning meeting. This simply won’t happen with silk. It also helps keep my skin hydrated as the smooth surface of silk repels moisture more effectively than other fabrics like cotton. For people with dry skin and in those cooler winter months this is a game changer.

Dermatologists recommend sleeping on silk as it can be soothing for sensitive skin, people suffering with acne and other irritative skin issues like eczema and rosacea. Numerous studies have reported participants getting less breakouts on their face after switching to silk. I know that my skin, which is still prone to breakouts (even in my forties!) is clearer since making the switch.

I’ve also been talking to my best friend, Ness, about how it helps with her daughters eczema prone skin. "My daughter suffered with eczema since she was a baby. We tried everything to help, including super strong steroid creams which we hated putting on her delicate skin. Then, we stumbled on the solution by accident. During a particularly bad eczema episode, she started coming into our bed every night and stealing my pillow with its new silk pillowcase. Within days, we noticed that the eczema on her face was improving dramatically. Curious to see if this was connected, I let her keep my pillowcase and got another one for me. That was a year ago and since then no major eczema breakouts on her little face, and no more infections. She’s so much more comfortable and confident”.

Another fabulous property of silk is that it regulates temperature. If you are a bit of a sweaty Betty like me and find yourself kicking off blankets in the night, or if you are a cold sleeper shivering and stealing the covers from your partner – silk is highly breathable and helps to maintain body temperature all night through keeping you cosy in winter and cool in summer.

Not all silks were created equal, however. Silks are rated for durability by their weight. Cheaper silks and synthetic pillowcases won’t do the job of a high-grade silk pillowcase. I look for brands that are using 22 or 25 momme silk. Basically, the higher the rating of the silk, the more durable your pillowcase will be. A pillowslip made of high-grade silk will also put up with being washed in the washing machine rather than pesky old school hand-washing.

So sleeping on silk has my beauty sleep needs covered by keeping my hair glossy, my skin glowing and body temp happy, not to mention how gorgeously soft it is to sleep on. I also love how they make my bedroom look. Gorgeous soft silk pillowcases make my bedroom beautiful by adding a level of luxury and sophistication. That’s why I say, if you’re going to spend a third of your life asleep, why not treat yourself or someone you love to a silk pillow slip today? Once you start sleeping on silk, there’s no going back.