Getting to work closely with our designers is one of the wonderful perks of Wolf & Badger. It’s a pleasure you can have, too, with this intimate behind the scenes 'Made in Clerkenwell' coverage by SupaDupa that will reveal the inspired personality behind the innovative pieces of Amanda Li Hope.

There are many things worth knowing about Amanda Li Hope, for example, in 2011 she was one of the world's 20 first designers certified to use fair-trade and fair-mined gold, making her pieces not only exceptional but ethical. With a background in architecture, Amanda utilises her insight on structure to create sleek and minimal designs. We have always found that getting to know the people behind the product adds that much more value to the pieces we cherish. Amanda Li Hope's innovative designs are enriched by her unique back ground, personality and perspective.

If you would like to take a look at Amanda Li Hope's collection yourself, make sure to pop down to The Lab in Notting Hill.

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