This week in the office, we can't stop listening to Jamie Woon's album Mirrorwriting, and favourite track of the moment is "Spirits":

Featuring a modern fusion of soul, R&B, and gospel, this track cleverly uses audio sampling to create a powerful focus on the vocals. Such audio sampling reminds us of Andreya Triana, one of our favourite artists who uses the technique to produce amazing tunes such as "The Keeper".

As for Woon himself, he's certainly one to watch this year - the BBC announced back in January that he had been placed fourth in the BBC's Sound of 2011, plus he's playing at summer festivals all over Europe, including Glastonbury, iTunes festival, and the Big Chill. We hope to catch him at least at one of them and, in the meantime, we'll be requesting "Spirits" at sunny London rooftop bars over summer cocktails.