This Music Monday celebrates the work of Sixto Rodriguez - a legendary American folk musician based in Detroit, whose inspiring story has moved many fans across the world. For several decades the musician believed his first two albums, released in the early 70s, had failed to resonate, however, his music has gained a huge following in South Africa, where the fan-base also thought their star had committed suicide. When he was discovered to be alive, he was heralded a hero – his rich music was finally played live to rapturous, arena-sized crowds.

Under the cover of a black Fedora and a smokey haze, the former man of music mystery Rodriguez took to the Wilderness Festival stage on Saturday night. The audience listened carefully to his croaky speaking voice as he spouted political messages such as "more women should run for political office. The story of Rodriguez is poignantly told in the Oscar-winning 2012 documentary ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ which has drawn thousands of fans across the seas and finally helped get the legend the recognition he has been owed for so long. For all of you, who did not get a chance to see him during the weekend, here is a little taste of what you were missing.