Wolf & Badger commissioned a small crack team of creatives, under the supervision of film aficionado Lily Silverton, to visually convey our retail concept. The Wolf & Badger retail strategy is unlike any other, so the aim was to better acquaint you with what it is that we do. Please see below for the final outcome, 'A Day in the Life of Wolf & Badger'...

A Day in the Life of Wolf & Badger from Wolf & Badger on Vimeo.

Wolf & Badger would like to extend a huge thank you to the wonderful cast and crew that made every moment of the filming process, from conception through to production, a pure joy to be part of.

Creative Director: Lily Silverton
Directors: Ed Duffield & Ivan Shaw
Art Director & Costumier: Stella Cecil
Art Director's Assistant: Aidan Orange
Beauty: Poppy France using MAC and Paul Mitchell
Wolf: Polly Brown
Badger: Stephen Kelly

Music: Jack Graham

Featured Designers: Meryn, Tessa Metcalfe & Archer Adams