At Wolf & Badger we are curious by nature, so it is no surprise that we LOVE ‘behind the scenes’ videos. Furthermore knowing how the items are produced and how much effort and skill is put into creating them gives us a whole new level of appreciation. Naturally we were very excited when we saw this video which shows the process of making Pyrrha’s stunning jewellery.

Each of Pyrrha’s jewellery is 100% hand crafted meaning that every piece is incredibly special and unique. They take pride in keeping the little “flaws” found in each wax seal which is a small reminder of the work that goes into each pendant, bracelet, earring and ring.

In the video, you can see how they start the creative process by making a wax mould using original 19th century wax seals. This is then used to form the mould for the jewellery seals. After the mould is finished, they melt reclaimed silver, bronze or gold which is then cast into the bracelet. We were surprised to see how after the bracelet has been cast and how the metal goes through numerous processes to create an antique look. It is then finished off with a coat of wax and is polished for a nice shiny finish!

We hope you enjoyed this “making of” and keep posted for more in the future!

Wolf & Badger x