Here at Wolf & Badger we’ve always got our beady eyes out for unique pieces of jewellery that you won’t see anyone else wearing.  There’s no denying how good it feels to wear something new and have everyone ask ‘Where did you get that?’ 

These pieces are all perfect for days when you don’t want to make much of an effort with your outfit, instead wear one of these amazing designs that will seriously get heads turning. Allow us to be the first ones to introduce you to 3 jewellery designers that you need to know about. 


These beautiful designs by Ellapolo are handmade using classic metals.  The collection is full of irregular shapes and intriguing patterns as a result of the intricate hand made designs.  Team them with ripped skinny jeans and a crisp white button down for a relaxed day time look. 


Ever wanted a creepy crawly on your neck? The answer is probably no, but jewellery by J.Herwitt is about to change your mind. Whether it’s a giant spider or a tiny diamond encrusted scorpion, these jewellery pieces will be the subject on everyone’s lips. 

Burco Okut

Let your jewellery show your personality, with jewellery by Burcu Okut.  Whether its seagulls you’re after or carefully crafted rings fitted with natural stones.  These are pieces of jewellery that you will never want to take off.