Whether you've got 20 people to buy for or just a few close friends and family, there's always so much pressure to get it right when it comes to the big reveal on Christmas day. We spend hours endlessly scrolling through sites and running from store to store trying to track down the perfect thing, often leaving it to a last minute panic on Christmas eve. So I've put together an edit of beautiful items for all the ladies in your life - for your sister, mother, girlfriend or best friend, so that less time can be spent worrying about gifts, and more time can be spent enjoying December's festivities! 

1. Louise Alexis, £150

2. Marianna Goulandris Aura Black, £700

3. Nightprowl Vermillion Bra, £70

4. Bohemia Stripe Pom Pom Blanket, £115

5. Kim Sera Pineapple Platter, £90

6. Tessa Metcalfe Single Claw Ring, £55

7. Sasha Tugolukova Fern & Butterfly Mug, £17

8. Sloane Stationary Big Ideas Notebook, £39

9. CRU London Old Nichol Backpack, £180

10. J. D'Cruz Rainbow Clutch, £190

11. Delalle Delune Black Orchid Lens, £280

12. Liz Law Stargazer, £75

13. ELLESD Flora Leather Stretch Pants, £465

14. Kim Kwang Watercolour Effect Ankle Boot, £525

15. Florence Bridge Pick and Mix Scarf, £160