We teamed up with Swarovski and some of the hottest bloggers on the scene to show you how to wear 10 of autumns biggest trends. Tamara Kalinic, Maja Malnar and Diipa Khosla joined us in our Notting Hill store and helped us choose the perfect Swaorvski crystal jewellery to pair with the looks.

The immaculate fashion voice behind Glam & Glitter, Tamara looked out of this world in a space age silver biker teamed with statement jewellery by Nadia Minkoff. Next, she showed us how to dress up an effortless pant and shirt combination with a striking golden cuff by Edge Of Ember and decorative pieces by O.YANG. A striped sweater and pristine white dress were also given an edge with sweet earrings from O.YANG and dramatic necklace and bracelets by Boks & Baum.

Elemental: Tamara’s jacket is by Gyunel and her dress is from Scottacus Anthony. All jewellery by Nadia Minkoff.


Ruffles: Trousers by Vielma, shirt by The Bee’s Sneeze and bag by Lautem. The cuff is by Edge of Ember and earrings, rings and bracelet by O.Yang


Slip Dress Layering: Sweater by Ekaterina Kukhareva, dress by Taylor Wren, shoes by Park & James, and bag by Subella London. Necklace and bracelet by Boks & Baum, earrings by O.Yang


Slovenian Maja opted for flowing maxi-dresses. She accessorized one with crystallized hoop earrings and necklace by Bark, and another with a serpent-like ear cuff by Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier, glittering bracelets by Nadia Minkoff, and striking necklace by Ona Chan. She set off her taupe day dress with drop earrings by Edge of Ember and a spectacular necklace by Nadia Minkoff.

Look 1: Maja’s dress is by Rixo and her jacket and bag are from Lea Lov. Earrings and necklace by Bark


Ruffles: Dress by Ukulele and bag by Victoria Lam. Ear cuff by Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier, bracelets by Nadia Minkoff and necklaces by Ona Chan and Kasun.


Elemental: Dress by A Day in a Life, coat by Kelly Love and bag by Eddie. Earrings by Edge of Ember and necklace by Nadia Minkoff

Diipa’s look is pure class, and here she lives up to her reputation for cleverly interpreting the look of the moment in an asymmetric skirt and blouse glammed up with a statement necklace by O.YANG, hexagonal earrings by Edge of Ember and a stunning cocktail ring by Ternary London. A stylish skirted sweater teamed with wide-leg pants was given a hint of sparkle by On Aura Tout Vu’s ring and earrings, plus bracelet by O.YANG. She complemented her maxi-dress with Kasun’s sparkling suite of clear crystal jewellery. Finally, a leather ‘n’ lamé look was  accented with chunky crystal cuts by Nadia Minkoff.

Dark Florals: Dress by Kelly Love, bag by AEVHA London and hat by The Season Hats. All jewellery by Kasun

Elemental: Dress by Leka and shirt by Supersweet x moumi. All jewellery by Nadia Minkoff

Pyjama Dressing: Diipa’s skirt is from Bashaques and blouse by Sankt. Necklace by O.Yang, earrings by Edge of Ember and rings by Ternary London


Statement Sweater: Trousers by WtR; sweater by N.Meravigli; and leather-bound books by Eddie. Earrings & ring by On Aura Tout Vu; bracelet by O.Yang.


Photography by Melanie Galea, thestreetmuse.it.