Allen St.

Allen St., Lower Manhattan, New York: The Beginnings. It's in October 2012 that Marwan and Thibault really discover New York, which will mark the beginning of a great friendship. The stories of his grandparents about New York in the 50s for the former, and the pursuit of education for the latter, lead these two boys to leave the family home and jump on the first plane headed to JFK. Once in New York, the frantic search for housing causes their meeting on Halloween at 17 Allen St.

After years spent in New York, Marwan and Thibault both felt the calling to return to France. But still inspired by their American adventures, they travel to the family’s leather workshop in Normandy - and decide to give life to a brand of high-quality leather goods, preferring singularity to ostentatiousness, authenticity and exclusivity to mass production.

Inspired by the heritage of the family workshop and the years spent in the world’s melting pot, Allen St never deviates from its goal: to offer accessible, high-quality craft products ready to accompany you on all your adventures.