Amanda Marcucci

Thanks to her globe trotting and adventurous parents, an Italian father and an English mother, Amanda spent her childhood living all over the world in inspirational locations such as Texas, Paris, Milan and Florence, where she was drawn in by the worlds History and Culture. For thousands of years both women and men have worn jewellery with a meaning. Each gemstone, pattern, symbol and colour had a mystical meaning and healing power and over time jewellery became just an accessory or status symbol to some.

With a love for researching the meanings of ancient Sacred Symbols and Gemstone Healing powers, it was time to put the two elements together, going back to the old ways by creating beautiful collections of contemporary Jewellery whilst maintaining the original symbols and gemstones used by our ancestors. Starting with Egypt Amanda has designed and beautifully curated a jewellery collections representing periods time and cultures in History.