AQVAROSSA travels the world in search of the finest natural fibres and hand-picked fabrics to form a collection embodying conscious luxury in timeless modern design. AQVAROSSA crafts coats, knitwear and accessories for luxury living - while respecting producers and keeping the supply chain sustainable without compromise. Timeless style with a fresh, modern twist and luxury pieces are an essential part of the collection made from the highest quality materials and fit. AQVAROSSA practices Conscious Creation which means that we are mindful of our process every step of the way. From carrying out personal visits to our suppliers to carefully selecting our trimmings our aim is to operate as sustainably and ethically as we can. This means more then just selecting a sustainable fabric and putting a label on it. This means respecting the people and animals who play a part in helping our product come to live and our promise to consistently review and incrementally improve on our practices.

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