Fine jewelry — coded by hand, crafted by technology. BOLTENSTERN is the world’s first jeweler to design and craft fine jewelry using direct 3D printing. We combine state-of-the-art technology, mathematics and architectural design
to shape the future of fine jewelry.

Using direct precious metal 3D printing technology, we produce fine jewelry designs a hand could not have crafted. Our collections are directly 3D printed in 18ct Gold or Silver. Fine powder is melted together layer by layer with a precise laser. Each piece is then carefully finished by our experienced goldsmiths in our workshop in Vienna.

‘Jewelry is the smallest form of architecture. It is only by thinking in multiple dimesions that we can create designs simultaneously impossibly complex, yet effortlessly simple.’

Marie Boltenstern, Managing Director & Head of Design, is pioneering the design of directly 3D-printed precious metal jewelry. Having trained as an architect, Marie is passionate about coding 3D shapes and bringing complex geometry to reality. Her latest innovative collection, Embrace, won the industry leading TCT 3D printing award.

BOLTENSTERN as a brand was founded in 1964 by Marie’s father, goldsmith and artist Sven Boltenstern. The company is synonymous with glamorous design, delicately crafted.