Carter & White

We combine timeless tailoring with impeccable quality materials, offering the utmost comfort and pure understated style.

All great journeys begin with a vision. For Carter & White, that vision was to give birth to a prestigious Middle Eastern brand that would appeal to the most discerning individuals. We wanted to create products that were at the pinnacle of luxury and refinement, combining sublime comfort with timeless tailoring and an impeccable attention to detail. Our journey took us far and wide, until we finally arrived in Egypt to seek out the famed Giza cotton. It was then that the story of Carter & White truly began, and a special label was born.

Carter & White’s wide range of products are considered works of art. We take our commitment to delivering beautiful, luxurious products very seriously which also translates through to our stunning and unique packaging. Made from luxurious materials, exquisite detailing and elegant engravings, Carter & White packaging features beautiful imagery.