Cielle London

Cielle is the manifestation of designer and artist Seree Kang's desire to bring elegance and joy into daily life. A combination of two French words, 'ciel' (sky) and 'elle' (she), 'cielle' can be understood as meaning 'a woman from the sky' - a goddess. London based designer and artist Seree Kang has worked with a host of high profile fashion and lifestyle brands before embarking on the adventure of creating her own brand. Seree Kang sees the ideal of the modern woman as being a goddess who chooses to use fashion accessories to reveal her personality or create a specific image, rather than merely as adornments. Everything in the Cielle range is designed to exist as both an art and a fashion piece, imbued with a uniqueness and creativity that match the modern woman's lifestyle. Four different themes combine within the world of Cielle: Cielle Professional; Cielle Romance; Cielle Balance; and Cielle Goddess. The modern woman is a master of the art of balance, Cielle Goddess represents those who live their lives in a balanced way, and inspire others around them with their positivity and energy.