Flock by nature

Mindful knitwear - Designed with style & wellbeing in mind. Relaxed knitwear is elevated with carefully considered details to create elegant silhouettes - Inspired by those precious moments of serenity when you are content to just 'be'; when you take time out to press pause on the noise of day-to-day life - Guided by a clear Philosophy on how we make our clothes: we love luxury but we care about our natural and social environment and don’t believe that one should be at the expense of the other. In line with our beliefs, our knitwear is manufactured thoughtfully according to four guiding principles of responsibility; Natural fibres only, Know who made your clothes, Quality not Quantity & Give something back. Flock aspires to have a long lasting, positive impact and 10% of the profit on each sale goes to charity. All sweaters and cardigans come with The Flock Promise of complimentary repairs on minor accidental damage after purchase… because we are not fast fashion and we want your Flock to be a treasured wardrobe staple for years to come.

VAT: 217729004