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Handsome Badger

Handsome Badger makes luxury, unique and unisex pieces that fulfil the criteria of William Morris’s famous statement that you should have nothing you “do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. Our pieces are made from sustainable sources that make quality materials while supporting producers, and are used to create striking pieces that fit seamlessly into people’s lives. Each piece is hand-knitted and so is completely unique. We source our merino wool from an 80-year-old family business based in Peru, which works to support local shepherds and their families through community outreach. They produce the finest wool in the world by combining ancient Peruvian textile practices with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. It is currently the only wool of its softness and thickness, spun using the latest technology into a chain which minimises pilling and creates a dimension of texture not found in any other merino in the world. All our unisex pieces are hand-knitted here in London, designed to turn a silhouette into something extraordinary. They express the heart of the business - beautiful, useful, sustainable, transformative.

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Handsome Badger collection at Wolf & Badger.

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