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House of Gharats

House of Gharats is a London based design house, fusing cultures and blurring the lines between art, craft and fashion, producing a clever approach to everyday dressing and living. It is a purpose driven brand that aims to demonstrate their positive social and environmental impact. It's endeavour is to redefine cultural relationships, and create new style synergies. Intermingling amidst London’s international hybrid city of cultures and its influential past results in designs that are profoundly modern, distinctively stylish, yet inherently classic. The House of Gharats collaborates with artisans & craftspeople, engages with unconventional materials, sculptural tailoring, bold colours, fanciful details and novel prints to challenge conventional ideas of style. It is passionate about engaging with the makers and process, thus seeking to capture the essence of tradition, materials, stories and function. “The influence of our native country, can be felt through our collections, it is grounded in tradition and timeless eccentricities, yet fearlessly modern.” Neishaa Gharat, Founder-Designer.

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the House of Gharats collection at Wolf & Badger.

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