Kamena jewellery takes our sole inspiration from rocks and stones, crafted with an elegant and acquired touch seeking to find the natural harmony and beauty in each woman. Each stone we use for our collections is sourced from Polish terrain, and every stone of ours has it's own story. Since there is no mass market for polish minerals, rocks and stones, in attempting to find each we sought help from aficionados to travelers who locate these unique examples. Kamena unites traditional handcraftsmanship with a modern outlook and vision. And owing to each of our items being handcrafted, our realisations are therefore original, homegrown and unrepeatable, with a finesse laid to the very last detail. Kamena has its heart in the land of Poland, wherefrom we source and find each of our items. We find inspiration in our roots that we hope to share with the rest of the world.

VAT: 7010577578