Klara Kostrzewska

The jewellery by Klara Kostrzewska is a combination of forms derived from nature and imagination.The intricate shapes woven from fine lines are designed with meticulous attention to the smallest of details in the resulting patterns.They are very decorative designs, crafted with elements representing a collaboration of abstract ornaments that bring to mind controversial and surprising motifs to create new aesthetics, forming a peculiar language that is not a literal copy of nature. The collection consists of variety of designs that are hand crafted from materials traditionally used in jewellery making for thousands of years to create an intriguing collection of necklaces, earr cuffs, bracelets, pendants and rings to cater for the most fashion concious teenager to the most elegant and gracefully stylish woman about town. Despite the fact that the impression is of very fine delicate designs, they are sufficiently strong and well suited to every day wear.

VAT: 9482524225