Lamperti Milano

Lamperti Milano was founded in 2014 by the Lamperti siblings Erika and Federico. The brand's signature use of symbols recalls myths and stories from the past, translated into exceptional styles. The international exposure is enriched by the growing presence into both e-shops and offline boutiques. The Spring Summer 2017 collection is inspired by Hesiod’s Theogony, a poem describing the origins of the Greek Gods who came to be after the Chaos. The Chaos, which is described as the initial state of the universe, is interpreted as an unruled and extremely coloured mass that muscles in and subverts Lamperti Milano’s traditional color palette. The colourful descriptions of the varied Gods’ personalities are the shoe styles themselves, that are now coupling the brand’s distinctive clean lines with the new bright shades. Accordingly, fabrics evolve in mirrored leathers and transparent meshes which are pulled together with the traditional nude nappas and the geometric heels.

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