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Love in the Sky

Love In The Sky® has recreated the greeting card. Starting out as a series of illustrations, inspired by both love and a fascination with outer space, it has developed in to a story about two companions and their obsession with the world above the clouds. Our hand drawn illustrations follow their curious nature for the night sky, the moon, and all things twinkly! We wanted to share this world with everyone, to give them a part of this love story where anything is possible, from physically giving someone the world with a bow tied on it, to falling asleep on the moon. So we came up with the framed greeting card with a hidden sliding message panel. The idea of having a hidden message panel inside our framed cards keeps the gesture intimate and sentimental. Love In The Sky® cards are designed to be a keepsake, with the framed illustration having its own personal meaning to both the sender and the recipient. The cards are designed to be hung on the wall so the illustration can always be on display. The idea is to create a moment, whether it's between friends, siblings, lovers (current and yet to be), or even with oneself. Love In The Sky® is an experience, so we thought about all aspects of giving and receiving the card, including a petal design envelope which is sealed with a silicone mould stamp, replicating a red wax seal. This makes the whole opening of the card unique before the recipient has even seen the illustration. Our vision is to build on our unique product range with more ways for people to share a moment and share our illustrations with each other. If Love In The Sky® helps that one person to finally express their feelings to someone else, we'd consider our mission complete.

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Love in the Sky collection at Wolf & Badger.

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