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Lunar James

Loved by free spirits and barefoot brides, London based Lunar James make jewellery for modern bohemian women. Lunar James was born from a passion for nature and a desire to highlight and preserve her beauty. Founder Ari connects a lot with the sea, stars and planets in the night sky, and this comes to expression in our jewellery designs. Her love for herbal medicine has seen Ari create incense and sage burning accessories too. In an aim to reconnect with ancient and more artisan ways of living, Lunar James' Jewellery features a variety of natural materials, like the most beautiful shells that are beach combed by Ari herself from various beaches around the world. In addition, her obsession with Tarot, Astrology, Ancient Symbolism is what leads her to design our latest ARIA collection.
Happy Worker
Skilled Artisan
Re/Upcycled Materials
Responsible Packaging
Independent Brand