OhLydia Intimates

For too long, lingerie has evoked some kind of dread in us all. Because most brands are not selling us true sexiness - they’re selling us what men think is sexy. Which is too often uncomfortable, unflattering, and completely ignorant of the female anatomy.

OhLydia Intimates puts comfort first. Think classic M&S style briefs but with a cool, modern twist. It’s playful, global, minimal, yet powerful and sexy. It would probably suit your nan - but perhaps you’re not ready to face that reality.

Acknowledging the catastrophic effects fast fashion has on the environment - OhLydia Intimates also commits to being as sustainable as possible; sourcing materials consciously, working with local businesses to achieve the highest quality as well as operating with small batch production to ensure waist is minimised...because being kind to the Earth is also kinda sexy.

We also believe sustainability shouldn't mean unaffordable - OhLydia Intimates strives to be accessible for all. Whether you’re a struggling student needing to self-indulge a little or a CEO living out your Sex And The City dream.

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