Outline is a change of perspective. It’s a return to quality over quantity, real craftsmanship and our unwavering belief that the details matter, that true style transcends seasonal trends. It's considered and intelligent design, beautiful bespoke fabrics, and an absolute dedication to finding the perfect fit. Strong yet feminine, deceptively minimal, supremely flattering. These are the hallmarks of the Outline collection. Every piece of the collection starts life in our London Atelier where our meticulous design team spend hours reflecting, refining, perfecting. Creating the perfect fit is our number one priority, and always our starting point. We design to flatter your body, not fight against it. Is this the right fabric? Are the darts at the most flattering angle? Are the pockets in the ideal place? Can you wear a bra without the straps being seen? Everything is questioned, nothing is left to chance. The Outline collection is designed to form the building blocks of your wardrobe. To give you those pieces you can rely on time and time again to make you look great, and feel even better. The tailored jumpsuit that takes work, weddings and weekend nights out in its stride. The statement jacket that makes you look instantly pulled-together, whatever you pair it with. The floor-sweeping evening gown that makes event dressing effortless. And as with a lot of things in life, we think timing is everything. Which means you’ll see collections dropping throughout the year with what you want to wear, exactly when you want to wear it.

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