Discover Made in England luxury British leather accessories. Padfield crafts the finest leather lifestyle accessories exclusively in England from British leather. We are committed to keeping the rich heritage of British craftsmanship alive. Why is this important to us?

For two reasons. With the majority of British leather brands choosing to source their leather and make abroad, our leather industry is declining. The United Kingdom once had over 4,000 tanneries and now there are just 23 remaining (Drapers, 2015). A significant decline considering the UK and global market for leather accessories is growing. With strong family ties to British farming we also feel passionately about being authentically connected to this community; not just calling ourselves Padfield England but by crafting all our leather accessories at home in England.

By owning a Padfield you are helping to support a traditional local British industry, with the added benefit of not having to wonder how and where your leather accessories were made. We believe that sourcing and making locally is the most sustainable option. We believe this is true British luxury.