Phira London

A piece of jewellery does not need to be confined to men or women. Phira London believes we are all equals, we are all universal. Our brand strives to encourage and promote equality by designing only Unisex pieces. As Frances Wright states: "Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it." Phira London would like to increase awareness of this deep rooted stigma so we can all enjoy equality, and consequently liberty. Phira London's Unisex pieces are designed and handmade in London, England. The brand was established in 2016 by Macdara Duncan & Eleanor Frankpitt. Both had harboured a long term dream to produce unique, timeless pieces to be enjoyed by both men & women. Their collection is made of solid silver and each piece is stamped with a silver hallmark, indicating the purity of the silver. Phira London has made things simple with pieces from durable materials with sustainable production so you do not have to compromise on high quality and reasonable pricing. Every piece has had time and effort spent, from design to production. Macdara & Eleanor spent a long time meticulously researching jewellers all over the UK and went with the best in the industry and are grateful for their love of craftsmanship and wealth of experience. The jewellers and manufactures combined have over a hundred years experience. Phira London could not ask for a better team of experts to be working with around London, from Hatton Garden to Islington.

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