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Rupert & Bird

Eco friendly towels made using 22 recycled plastic bottles. Light weight, compact, full size, sand free, quick drying. RUPERT & BIRD was born from a deep concern about the amount of garbage in the ocean and an abiding passion to support environmental conservation. This aspect, married with our Founder’s adventurous spirit and love of aquatic pursuits, united to create the brand. Our mission is to provide conscious products that make a difference, without the ‘eco-pressure’. The climate crises is complex and the relentless pressure organisations and influencers put on the individual is overwhelming. We are not perfect, but we are on a journey. We have a shared responsibility for protecting our natural world and collectively we can make a difference.
Re/Upcycled Materials
Charitable Donation
Independent Brand

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Rupert & Bird collection at Wolf & Badger.

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