Sentenced. is the brainchild of Lucy Graham and Georgia Andrew Wilkinson; the British based designers launched the project in 2019 out of a shared love for an effortless yet powerful and classic style and a shared aim to change the future of the fashion industry as we know it.

The Sentenced. aesthetic is formed from the combination of two very different personalities: the first, feminine, free-spirited and nostalgic, the second, contemporary yet slick and sensual. The contrasting individual styles combine to create a timeless feel to every collection. Sentenced. is a compilation of collectibles, made to exist for a lifetime. We nod to our 80s influences, with power shoulders and cinched waists being key to our style, we have formed our take on a modern-day vintage. The collection is created for women who are strong-spirited and individual; women who play with sophistication and seduction.

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