Handmade jewelry by designer Lucia Simoncic. Each piece is truly original, to treasure forever.

A delightful choice for those exceptional or everyday occasions, when a woman needs the sparkle to make her look graceful or fabulous. Eye-catching jewels, embroidered with precious Miyuki beads, Swarovski crystals or pearls, are deliciously lightweight, specially created to avoid catching the dress. A unique kaleidoscope of dozens or even hundreds of coloured beads is shaped into the perfect form of a rosette. A graded sparkle, marvellous patterns and colourful reveries are created with intention, that one single element can make every woman glow with grace.

Certificate of Authenticity and fine leather lining with the SKVOST monogram are a guarantee, that every piece is a collectable treasure. Brand concept is inspired by the extraordinary artist Grace Jones and iconic princess Grace Kelly. SKVOST is one of its kind: it has pop culture's sparkle and old-fashioned glamour. It is contemporary vintage.