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Tasselli Cashmere

We are Artisans. Yes, with a capital A. Since 1970 we have been making knitwear from cashmere and natural yarns in our Factory Lab, based in Bevagna, Umbria. We are Contemporary Artisans: we design and make items featuring essential, comfortable and fashionable designs. We are responding to emerging lifestyle changes and new requirements in terms of functionality. Customisable products for 24h wear, any time of the day, whatever the season. Our clothes are for connoisseurs, all too aware that true luxury is about wearing something beautiful, well-made and long-lasting, respectful of the environment and the people who make it.
Independent Brand
Happy Worker
Skilled Artisan
Ethical Leader

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Tasselli Cashmere collection at Wolf & Badger.

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