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The Neighbourhood Threat

Homeware designed for kitchens you want to dance in: The Neighbourhood Threat is the color-popping, charismatic, and nostalgically cool kitchenware brand and brainchild of Salford artist Holly Ramsay. Bursting with oddity but warm and welcoming in its weirdness, its range of tea towels, oven gloves, mugs, coasters, and cushions is both theatrical and irresistible. Named for The Iggy Pop and David Bowie track, icons from whom Holly draws inspiration, The Neighbourhood Threat– appropriately – is ever-changing. While the latest designs have one foot in the 70s, Holly’s ability to take inspiration from every day and turn designs on a dime means that the brand is one to watch. Reinvention, and new work that pushes the ordinary to the extreme, are always at arms’ reach.
Skilled Artisan
Happy Worker
Independent Brand