Laiik (/lay-ik/) is a new, Greek-American footwear brand reinventing the classic Greek sandal for conscientious women who want responsibly made, luxury footwear at an accessible price. Raw yet refined, Laiik’s handcrafted sandals combine Greece’s renowned shoemaking heritage with a clean, modern aesthetic. Using bold colors and geometric forms, Laiik sources the finest Italian leathers to create elegant pieces that defy trends and seasons. Unfussy designs and a flexible leather/rubber sole make Laiiks the perfect day-to-night sandal that goes with everything.

As believers in slow fashion, Laiik’s founders are driven by a strong sense of responsibility toward the wellbeing of people and the environment. Each pair of sandals is handcrafted with integrity in a small, family-run factory in Athens, Greece, which employs 30 craftswo/men from the surrounding community. Laiik only uses vegetable-tanned vachetta leathers processed with natural tannins extracted from trees and plants. These leathers are sourced from a consortium of tanneries in Tuscany that invest heavily in waste reduction/recycling to minimize their impact on the environment.