This is HER

This is HER was born out of the desire to provide female professionals with high-quality workwear that embraces their authentic femininity. Our mission is to make female professionals feel comfortable with who they are as women, by creating essentials tailored to their femininity. Our range of blazers has been crafted with thoughtful consideration for a woman’s journey, allowing her to embrace the woman she is while taking on the world. We believe nothing feels more empowering than being authentic to who you are.

Our first collection is focusing on a female professional’s most essential wardrobe piece - the blazer. This is HER is on a journey and blazers are only the beginning. Our vision is to create a universe of essential pieces for the modern professional woman designed to empower her authentic femininity - not only wardrobe pieces, but pieces for her entire journey.

With years of experience in the corporate world, Halima Jarrodi, the founder of This is HER, has worn her share of blazers. However, with a wardrobe filled with bright colors and vintage femininity, combining her professional and personal style has been a challenge. She struggled to find workwear that she felt comfortable in which both represented her personality and at the same time was suitable for the office. This struggle became the founding idea of This is HER.

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