Whyte Studio

Whyte Studio™ by designer Bianca Whyte is a luxury outerwear brand that will introduce iconic and creative staple pieces designed to enhance the wearer's individual style. Whyte Studio™ produces capsule collections built and designed on the tenets of creative construction and impeccable detailing. Using only high-quality and hand selected fabrics, Whyte Studio™ creates transitional, durable pieces necessary in today’s market. Inspired by the designer’s time as a professional motocross athlete in Australia, Whyte Studio™ evokes androgynous, unisex designs through its trademark style: tailored, sports-inspired outerwear with unique detailing that's built to last. The brand aims to create trans-seasonal collections with cross-functional jackets that will be that staple piece in the wearer's wardrobe. Whyte Studio™ constructs investment pieces that will forever be your favorite item that compliments your wardrobe. Whyte Studio™ will mesh the diversity of the ever-changing urban landscapes we live in, representing the juxtaposition of modern culture that celebrates the collective whole, while establishing a strong sense of individuality in the wearer. In June 2017, Bianca started her own label Whyte Studio™ with her mother, her original fashion icon. A person who encompasses all aspects of her creative surroundings, she is also known as DJ B Whyte, an international house dj. A dj in demand, she spins at london’s most notable clubs, London Fashion Weeks hottest parties whilst finding the time to host a show on London’s Touch FM. Bianca’s creative drive is unstoppable!