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A Journey Through Creative Expression & Spirituality

by Kiran Tak

From a young age, I have immersed myself in creativity and design as a form of creative expression. I have always been fascinated by the idea of working with different mediums as a way to tell a story and express my feelings, my surroundings and my inspirations. Creative expression, and the integration of creative practices into our daily life, allows us to grow in intuition and depth. Enhancing our creative powers helps us to reveal our natural state of inner harmony, which can be done through any form of creative expression, whether that is painting, designing or dancing. Creating is, and always has been, one of the ways I feel most in tune with myself. I don’t create from the mind with a plan or a structure; I create from the heart and soul to heal and express my inner worlds.

Over the years, my work has become a reflection of my self-growth, spiritual journey and identity. Through exploring the ancient arts of Ayurveda and Tantra, and the deeper meaning that lies beneath these spiritual sciences, I began to naturally interweave ancient Indian philosophies and wisdom into my creative work. My spiritual growth fuels what I create and my creative expression guides me to dive deeper into my spiritual practices. I believe that one could not exist without the other. The tools and wisdom I have learned through taking a spiritual path continue to inspire me and form the backbone of all that I create, whether that is through art or through jewellery.

My family and heritage have also had a great impact in forging my interests and inspirations. My great-grandfather was an Ayurvedic doctor in India and much of his wisdom has been passed down to me and continues to inspire me. My grandmother has always had a love for textiles and gold jewellery; she has certain pieces of jewellery that have become a part of her identity. Each piece tells a story, whether it was gifted to her by my grandfather, or handed down to her as an heirloom.

My mother used to adorn herself with interesting pieces of jewellery that incorporated gemstones, including amber, hematite, emerald and ruby, which motivated me to learn more about gemstones and their healing properties. Both my grandmother and my mother taught me to treat jewellery as more than just a materialistic piece of metal but as an opening to the soul and an intentional, symbolic ritual. This inspired me to look at objects from a new perspective. 

I intuitively started to bring together all of the wisdom and inspirations I had picked up over the years, pouring this into my jewellery brand, Āyurituals. I seek to portray ancient Indian wisdom through a contemporary feminine lens, embodying Shakti, a divine feminine force and the universal, creative energy that is the ground of being. My jewellery, which has been ethically handcrafted in Jaipur by artisans in a fair trade social enterprise, draws upon various concepts in ancient Indian wisdom, including the union and eternal dance of Shiva and Shakti, the delicate balance of the three Ayurvedic body types and the flowing sensations we can feel within us, when in a deep meditative state.

All of the work I do reflects my multi-faceted nature and multi-disciplinary approach. I find it unnatural to dissect ideas and put them in a box. Instead, I like to find similarities and juxtapositions in all that I do, whether that is spirituality and self-growth or self-expression through art and jewellery design. In my eyes, spirituality and creativity are inextricably intertwined; one influences the other, and this is where the true beauty lies. Each inspiration goes on a journey of its own, moving through self-growth, art and adornment, remaining in a constant state of flow.

As human beings, we are not meant to be put into boxes, with labels that determine our whole life. We are flowing, intuitive beings, capable of change and growth. Being multi-faceted can open our eyes up to many things and I’m grateful to be able to integrate the different layers of my being into my work, naturally allowing my true essence to unfold and blossom through a multitude of ways. 

My journey has never been about finding my creative style or my inner gifts, but rather about remembering and reconnecting with the creative, life force energy I have always held within me, bringing this to the surface and allowing it to lead the way. It has always been there, hidden beneath barriers, fears and social conditioning. This creative energy lies within all of us, just waiting to be unveiled.