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Street Art & Silk Scarves: The Perfect Contradiction

by Constanze Molnar

My studio is based in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin and I'll take my dog for long city walks every day. Here, it's practically impossible not to discover new art in public spaces every day.

What fascinates me most is the spontaneity and freedom of this art form and its benefit to the local community. Many paste-ups, stencils or graffiti make direct reference to current events, or they arise from an immediate urge to communicate with the world in very different, often surprising ways. From simple, sometimes crude statements to sophisticated staging, street art covers the entire breadth of human sensitivities. 

So, from time to time I use this art form in public spaces myself. 

At some point I started to photograph, because I noticed that many paste-ups disappeared after a short time. I found this very unfortunate, as some were particularly artistic, humorous or quick-witted. With this in mind, I wanted to share the images with the world. Normal prints were somehow too little for me and that's when silk came into play…. 

I know, this sounds like a mismatch - the often “dirty” street art and the high-contrast, noble silk. What a contradicting combination. But that's why it is particularly fascinating for me.

By choosing this precious material, I try to celebrate street motifs or to underline their importance. To put them on a pedestal, so to speak, in order to draw attention to the genre as a whole. In addition, silk has this incredible brilliance of colors that I have not found in any other material

Working as a designer and artist for years, I finally made the step and started to combine my love for art with business. While accumulating a lot of knowledge over the years, it’s especially important for me to carry out every single step on the way. This includes everything from developing the brand's identity, creating flyers and look books, cooperating with the artists, designing the unique pattern accompanying the motif up to working with our manufacturer in Italy to achieve the highest possible quality for customers.

Last year I started my first international collection titled '7 Cities - 7 Artists'. This was a constant process of development and learning. Many street artists are modern globetrotters and often change their place of residence accordingly. As a result, I gradually prioritized the location of the motifs. Thus, the motif "New York" came to life, but the city was only home for a certain period of life to Holly-Anne Buck aka COLLAGISM. As a native Australian who currently lives in London, she perfectly represents multi-faceted street art, somehow also as a way of life. 

For me, however, choosing the Berlin motif was pretty easy, because a little dachshund captured my heart a long time ago...